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At WhizzBikes, we are dedicated to creating and supplying innovative transportation solutions to our local community. With over a decade of experience working with E-Bikes and adapting them for customers with disabilities, we have established ourselves as experts in the field. Having spoken with various members of the public and stakeholders in urban areas, we have recognized a growing need for efficient, eco-friendly mobility for police officers patrolling urban environments and believe we have a solution.

In light of this, we are excited to announce our prototype E-bike, tailored for the unique needs of uniformed officers. We aim to provide a sustainable, agile, and reliable mode of transportation that enhances officers' accessibility and efficiency as they work and police urban areas.

Our bike is the result of a collaborative effort, incorporating the input and feedback from law enforcement professionals and urban commuters. This ensures that the bike meets the rigorous demands of police work, with features such as enhanced durability, an increased range of up to 80 miles, and an integrated proximity locking system.

We anticipate numerous benefits from introducing this bike into the urban policing fleet. These include increased community interaction, improved response times in dense urban areas, and a significant reduction in the environmental footprint associated with traditional police vehicles.

We would be honoured to discuss this initiative further with you and explore how WhizzBikes can assist Britain's Police in achieving their operational and sustainability goals. Please use the form below or email steve@freshtrax.co.uk if you require further information about the bike or our company.
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    80 Mile range

    The bikes 80-mile range ensures extended patrol capabilities, enabling officers to cover more ground efficiently while maintaining environmental sustainability.

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    48V 20Ah Battery

    The 48V 20Ah battery not only powers the bike for extended patrols but also serves as a versatile power source, enabling officers to charge a variety of equipment on the go

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    400 Ibs carry capacity

    With a 400lbs carry weight and robust lockable panniers allow officers to transport diverse equipment efficiently.

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    5 Assist levels

    Choose from five distinct assist levels, each offering a top speed of 25mph.

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    Proximity Unlock

    Our proximity unlock system enhances security and convenience by allowing authorized personnel seamless access while ensuring protection against unauthorized use.

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    Siren and Lights

    The 102dB siren and R65-rated lights provide a robust audible and visual warning system, ensuring visibility during emergency response situations.

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