About us

When we first had the idea of stocking electric bikes at one of the top ski and snowboard shops in the south of England staff held up their hands and said it’s for old people. How wrong they were!

Perhaps the designs of the old lead acid batteries lead people to believe that they were. As we started to look at the new styles with modern lithium iron technology brushless motors and electronic control systems we realized that things were changing rapidly and we needed to get on board early. Which we did back in 2009. Electrically assisted bikes have changed many people’s lives and are the best at re-empowering people to cycle again.

Electric Bikes save greatly on transport costs it has certainly attributed to getting a whole lot of people fit again but without the tortuous regime of an ordinary bike. We’re trying to compile a list of 101 reasons to own an electric bike. You will be able to see the list at the end of this piece in due course and maybe you have your own reasons having an electric bike that you can share with us, so feel free to let us know. At Whizz Bikes we have wide range of electric bikes that will cover the whole spectrum of design usage and cost. We are pleased to offer the ability to test ride a large range of the electric bikes in the safety of our very own large car park so if you want to feel like you're cycling downhill all the time come and try one and watch that smile get bigger. It might just change your life forever.